Qualitative Behavior of the Youth

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Adapt To Multiple Environment

The role of the Social Educational Network team is to build a high-performing, agile organisation with the capability to respond rapidly to constant changes with speed, grace and determination. We do this by building a purpose-driven culture based on strong organisational values

Latter part of the 2011 G.C.E A/L examination, discernible with the rapid growth and spread of G.C.E A/L subjects, has experimentally changed almost all the G.C.E A/L Students result,

students to be more specific. The proven fact science field still grows faster and will continue to grow and dominate in the 2017, signal us, Social and Educational Network (SEN) to be well equilibrated in the Students education field.

SEN strives for excellence in the corridor of Students educational development. SEN helps and practically assists students in building up their ability to analyze and solve educational problems.

With this set visions, the prestigious organization was set up to help students appreciate impact of Educational development of a nation and citizens. It aims to produce young motivated and well knowledge students that would be able to promote technical advancement using local materials. It was purely aimed at creating awareness among the students across Kinniya about the recent developments in Science & Technology and also at giving much-valued services in the field of education.

To gain the aims, it’s very necessary to have interaction, contest and competition programs with the students. Thus the Organization has decided to run inter school science quiz contest/completion.


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